Past Teachings

March 2020

Peter, James, and John were invited to a “mountaintop experience” where they witnessed the Transfiguration of Christ. They were deeply moved and desired to never leave. God invites us to experience these moments of intimacy in our lives as well. Our little-girl soul yells, “Daddy, look at me! Do you see me, Daddy?” Then He shows us clearly who we are to Him – His beloved daughters. In the midst of our failures, guilt, shame, and sins . . . He runs for us with wide open arms. We are completely seen, known, and loved by Him. This is the depth of intimacy for which we were created . . . when we, like Peter, James, and John . . . are transfigured in Christ’s love. Ladies, come join us for the Mountaintop Experience at a Kingdom Builders Gathering. Come and receive the peace and joy your Heavenly Father desires for you. All women welcome at all locations.

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