Frequently Asked Questions: Mosaics 

Website Administrator: 

1. How much time is this going to take our Website Administrator? 

Although it may seem time consuming, it is only because we have broken it down into so many little steps (to create a more fluid understanding). This feature was created by our website company to be very user-friendly. Let’s break down steps/timeframe:  Emailing Potential Hostess ~ 5 minutes, Copy/paste created email and copy/paste Hostess email address and send Potential reminder email to Hostess ~ 5 minutes (Reminder only necessary if they do not respond to your initial email), Receiving Email from Hostess and creating her profile ~ 10-15 minutes, Creating Group to connect to Hostess ~ 10-15 minutes. This is 25-40 minutes total to create a new Mosaic Group. 

2. Will it get easier to do this? 

Yes. As you get more comfortable, it will also become easier and will take less time. We may have a higher number of Mosaics to set up in the beginning, but as we continue this would be slow and steady growth. 

3. What work is required AFTER we set up the Mosaic? 

Almost nothing. The only time you would need to make changes is if the Mosaic changes locations, or days/times, or perhaps a Builder moves away and needs to be deleted. This entire process is designed for you to create it and then allow that Hostess to rise to the woman God designed her to be and handle it from there. 

4. What if I am still confused? 

We do not want you to be confused or overwhelmed. We have invested a great deal financially (through the generous donations from our Builder-Sisters), to ensure that this feature is incredibly user-friendly. However, you may have questions. If you do need additional assistance, Lindsay Bessesen can be reached at 


1. What if I don’t want to be in a Mosaic?

 Do I need to register? We would love that, but no one is ever required to register, and no one is required to be in a Mosaic. Any woman is welcome at any event without ever giving her name or information. 

2. What are the benefits of being a registered Builder? 

Registration at a preferred Host Parish location allows that Host Parish to send you one reminder email before their Gathering or to give important updates concerning the Gathering. Example: Air conditioning is out and we are moving to the gym. This type of message would only go out to Builders registered at that Host Parish. 

3. Will I be getting a ton of emails if I register? No. You would receive one at the beginning of the month from KB Central which would include the Gathering theme, songs, dates, etc. You may receive another email closer to the Gathering date, from your preferred Host Parish location with a Gathering reminder. But you can click ‘STOP’ at any time to remove yourself from these emails. 

4. Will my email address be shared or be used to solicit me to volunteer? No. We will never share your email with anyone, and no one will be soliciting you to volunteer. 

5. If I desire to be a Mosaic Hostess, can I co-host with another Builder-Sister? 

Yes. However, only one of you can be listed as a Hostess and receive the emails when people click on your Mosaic to sign up. We suggest that you mention that there are two of you co-hosting in your welcome message. You could even do a selfie with both of you to use as your Mosaic photo. 

6. How long and how often do Mosaics meet? 

Some meet every other week and some once a month and for 1.5-2.0 hours. You decide what works best for your schedule and choose a Mosaic based upon your availability. If no Mosaics meet your schedule, consider becoming a Hostess. 

7. What do I need to do to sign up to become a Hostess? 

A. Register with a password at your preferred Host Parish or login with your password if you are already registered. B. Click Contact us and in the comment section say “I’d like to become a Hostess”. C. The Website Administrator for your parish will follow up with you to set up the specifics of your Mosaic.