Each of the five sections below address your overall readiness for bringing KB to your parish. There are links to materials, videos and some of our best practice recommendations from other Core Teams who have built incredible Kingdom Builder ministries within their parish. The goal is to help you answer YES to each of the questions you encountered in the readiness quiz. 


Prayer is the foundational success of Host Parishes. It is also a powerful component of discernment. Utilizing prayer and inviting the Holy Spirit into the mission of Kingdom Builders at each parish will ensure a stable ministry and create the framework of joy in His service. CLICK HERE for prayer tools to help you discern bringing KB to your parish.


Having pastoral support is imperative because during each KB Gathering, the pastor or parochial vicar of the parish will lead Eucharistic adoration each month. This is about a 45-minute monthly commitment to the ministry. CLICK HERE for resources for your pastor or parochial vicar about KB.


Sometimes finding mission-aligned women is difficult. But if God has called you to this ministry- He will provide a way and remove any barriers. CLICK HERE for resources on developing a KB Core Team.


Spoiler alert! As the inquirer for building a Core Team, you don’t HAVE to be incredibly comfortable with technology! 

The bare minimum Kingdom Builders asks of each Core Team member is that they can easily utilize email communication. 

There are positions on Core Team, like the Administrative/Website and Musician that will need a little more familiarity with downloads, connecting to the internet etc. But for each of these positions, Kingdom Builders Central provide training and support as well.


This answer must be affirmatively answered by each member of the Core Team. 5 hours a month includes a Core Team Meeting and set up/tear down for each month’s Gathering and the Gathering itself. Our expectation is that each Core Team member is praying daily for the ministry. These are the things to consider when joining the team: time management skills, obedience to the ministry, and proper ordering of our days.


When you decide to move forward with Core Team Development and the fee is received, there is an option to request from the Host Parish Coordinator a document for fundraising.

If you answered "YES" to all five questions, you are READY! Your next step is to email inquiry@buildingthroughhim.com to order your inquiry kit!